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Suitable for both light and dark environments:

The Toshiba is at home in both light and dark environments since the brightness can be fine-tuned through the step-free backlight intensity setting. The supplied rotating pedestal ensures correct positioning of the set for optimized viewing - which is a necessity for such viewing-angle dependent sets.

Built-in Tuner:

The built-in tuner receives both analog cable TV and digital (DVB-T) signals through the same antenna interface. If a local set-mounted DVB-T antenna is to be used, however, then inevitably either a separate adapter has to be purchased, or the cable TV option has to be dispensed with.

Standard Connectivity:

Three HDMI inputs are available for modern digital equipment connectivity such as Blu-ray players or HTDV receiver boxes while analog sets are interfaced through the usual Scart, YUV, composite or S-Video sockets. Characteristically, Toshiba has equipped this set with a separate subwoofer interface - a great idea considering the limited bass potential of the majority of television loudspeakers.


Toshiba has engineered a lot of detail into the set's operation. It is just a shame that this attention to detail is not applied across the whole product. In TV mode, the channel listing is comprehensive and ideal for rapid channel-hopping; the chosen high-resolution font of the responsive menu looks impressive but is not the best choice, and barely legible when viewing from the usual couch distance - not everyone would wish to get close to the screen to admire the detailed graphics.

By comparison to earlier Toshiba TV models, the 37 Z 3030 DG introduces global picture presets, and delivers an impressive picture straight from the box. The preset "Movie" together with the color temperature setting of "Natural" represent the closest rendition of reality - even though the red, green and blue primary colors are a little too vibrant. Selecting the "Warm" color temperature preset, however, results in a somewhat brownish picture.

A really annoying characteristic of this television is apparent when it comes to switching the picture format: To get a picture without overscan, the "Exact Scan" setting has to be re-adjusted each time the input source is changed.

TV and DVD Picture Quality

The 100 Hz "Active Vision M 100" implementation really brings the picture to life with the sharpness cranked right down relative to the factory preset, and the noise filter deactivated in the screen menu, especially when viewing fast-paced film sequences.

The rendering of details on this Japanese television set score just average as texture artifacts such as skin pores appear slightly washed out or blurred.

Ignoring this blunder, the video electronics work very well and deliver a flicker-free picture regardless whether the source is from the tuner or analog input. By contrast with other flat-panel television sets, where jagged edges appear along bevels, this Toshiba is luckily immune.

HDTV Picture Quality

Fine details of Blu-ray material are played back faultlessly regardless whether in 1080i or 1080p format. The latticework in front of and behind the crane trolley (construction scene) in the Bond movie "Casino Royale" is quite distinguished, something that should definitely not be taken for granted. High-resolution interlaced signals (1080i) from an HDTV set-top box are reproduced impeccably without any kind of dysfunction - which is also not to be underestimated.

By comparison, the processing of 24p material for flicker-free cinema quality playback is somewhat tainted: With the now somewhat notorious "Film Stabilization" mode activated, the picture alternates between smooth transitions and light judder in the computer animated opening credits sequences of the Bond movie. Deactivating this feature, however, produces the usual flicker associated with 60 Hz playback.

Despite the dynamic regulation of the backlight, sinister scenes such as nighttime chases are somewhat flat when compared with other state-of-the-art LCD flat-panel TVs. The color balance is not perfect as it drifts too far over into the blue spectrum, and in particular greens are too intensive (fault here is the extended color space). Even black-and-white sequences, such as those in the opening credits to "Casino Royale", suffer because of it.

Computer Operation and Sound Quality

Computer Operation:

Using the Toshiba 37 Z 3030 DG as a computer monitor is a real pleasure. Images are displayed in full 1920 x 1080 pixel HDMI resolution with perfect pixel coverage, so that even detailed fonts and characters are clearly legible.

Sound Quality:

Even the Toshiba suffers the ill effects of all flat-panel televisions - their physical dimensions forbid the integration of large loudspeakers, and their limited cabinet volumes are not favorable for studio sound reproduction. The built-in loudspeakers do deliver a full-bodied bass and undertones, but the higher frequency notes lose their authenticity. Listening to music videos or concerts will soon convince the audience to play the content through the AV interface to suitable hi-fi equipment. The strong midrange notes are perfect for the clear understanding of spoken dialog associated with newscasters, commentators and chat-show hosts.

Settings for the best home-theatre performance.

Brightness: 58

Contrast: 80

Color: 35

Sharpness: -40

DNR: Off

Black Stretch: Off

Color Temperature: Natural

MPEG Noise Reduction: Off

Toshiba Lcd Tv Eski Modeller
40XF350D 37X3030 42Z3030D 42CV505D 42ZV635D
42CV500P 37XV633 37C3000 40XF356D 57Z3030
42RV633D 32WL66 42XV633D 32CV515DG 32WL68PG
26AV500P 47WLG66 32AV603P 32AV500P 42AV635D
46ZF355D 37WL67ZG 46XF350P 32AV635D 40ZF355D
37XV503D 37CV500P 32LV655 40LV655 52Z3030D
32CV505D 32CV500P 46XF351P 32C3000 42RV635D
46XF355D 37RV555D 26WL66ZSG 47Z3030 46RV555D
40XF350P 46XV555D 23WL56 40XF355D 42RV555D
46ZV555D 52ZF355D 26AV505D 52XV555D 40ZF575D
20V300 40XF351P 32XV556D 32XV550D 42C3006P
42XV515DG 32XV515DG 37RV635D 37Z3030D 32XV565DG
37XV565DG 42XV565DG 46XV565DG 52XV565DG 32AV500
32XV566DG 37XV566DG 42XV505D 32XV625DG 32AV554D
32AV505D 32AV555DG 37XV625DG 42XV625DG 42XV500P
42XV566DG 42XV501P 22AV606 37XV501P 46XV625DG
37XV500 42AV505D 42ZV555D 37XV556D 37AV500P
42AV500P 32A3000 37AV505D 22DV555DG 32R3550P
37AV555DG 37A3000 42XV556D 32XV501P 42C3530D
42AV555DG 42A3030D 46XV635D 32C3005 32AV565DG
37XV505D 37AV565DG 32C3530D 32XV505D 32R3500P
26A3031D 20V300P 32XV500 37AV635D 32AV607D
32RV635D 37C3005P 42XV635D 32AV623DG 32XV635D
37XV555D 42AV623DG 32RV625D 32AV625DG 32RV626DG
26AV615D 37AV625DG 37RV625DG 42RV625DG 42AV625DG
37RV626DG 42RV626DG 47ZV625DG 37RV633 52ZV635D
55ZV635D 37AV615D 47ZV635D 42XV632 22AV616D
22AV615D 42RV685D 19AV616D 37RV685 19AV615D
37AV607D 37CV505D 37AV605D 32AV605P 32AV615
37XV515D 19AV625D 19DV555DG 26AV607P 26AV605P
40LV665 32RV665 22AV606P 19AV606P 37RV665
42RV665 19AV605P 19DV556DG 26AV613D 19DV667
32AV613D 37XV635D 37ZV635D 22DV616DG 32RV685
22DV665DG 42XV636D 32RV633D 42RV636D 40LV675D
19AV506DG 46MV733F 32AV703P 42X3000P 32C3500P
37C3500 22AV605P 42X3030D 42X3031DG 37X3031DG
20W330P 32A3030D 37A3030D 37X3000P 47WL66P
37WL56PG 42WL58P 32WLG66S 32WL58P 32WL56
32WL58 27WL56G 20VL44 27WL56 42XV635
20VL56G 19DV616 19DV665 42ZV635 20VL54
37XV635 22DV667 47ZV635 32DL66PGS 26AV703
32MV733F 37A3002P 55ZV635 26DV713 22DV713
42C3500P 20VL55 32EL66ZG 37XV553D 42WLT68P
32C3006P 19W300P 32C3005P 40MV732G 15LV64
32WL66Z 37MV732G 37WLT68P 37RV675 32WL68P
19DV555DB 42WL67Z 37WL68P 37WL66P 15VL63
37WL56 32XV635 37C3006P 37WL66Z 32AV635
15VL63G 42WL66Z 32WL66P 32XV500P 37A3000P
37WL67Z 32A3000P 32WLT68P 42A3000P 32ZV635
27WL65G 26W300P 32W300P 15VL64G 32AV500PG
20WLG65G 26WL66Z 26A3002P 26A3001P 23WL56G
23W300P 20VL63G 55VX700 46VX700 23WLG65G
32A3002P 20WL56G 20W300P 37WL58P 20VL64G
27WL54G 26WL65G 42WL66 52ZF355 42WL66P
42C3030D 32LV665 42WLG66P 37C3030D 37WLG66P
37C3001P 26AV704 32WLG66 42C3000P 37WLG66S
37C3000P 37C3035P 42C3001P 26WLG66S 32C3030D
32C3000P 32C3001P 26A3000P 26A3030D 22AV703
46MV732 19AV703 40MV733F 37MV733F 42C3005P
37R3500P 32MV732 42RV675D 42ZV625DG 55ZV625DG
15VL64 40BV650F 26AV605 32C3035 19DV615DG
32AV633 20W330 26DV615DG 22AV605 22AV615DG
26AV603P 19AV605 26AV605PG 19W330DG 37AV615
22DV667DG 32AV636 32AV605 19AV501P 19W300
22DV615DG 19AV505DG 46XV635 19W331DG 37AV605